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Stock Management

Component shortages within any production environment can cost thousands in lost production due to downtime.


We can significantly reduce the amount of time and expense associated in sourcing and purchasing pneumatic components, hydraulic fittings, hoses, tube fittings, fasteners and clips etc., through the introduction of a Seagull Fittings Managed Stock System. Each system is tailored to your production requirements which can free up factory stores space and contribute to the profitability of your business.

Your managed system will combine quality products, timely delivery and excellent technical support into a solution that will increase your production efficiencies and lower your total purchasing costs. Talk to us about implementing a managed stock system for your manufacturing or production needs. We understand Just In Time, Kan Ban and Direct Line Feed policies and will provide a cost-effective alternative to many systems.


How a Seagull-Managed Stock System would be implemented

  • Seagull Fittings will conduct a site visit and through discussions with you, ascertain your requirements. A proposal will be prepared which will cover bin locations, stock quantities, parts bin sizes, frequency of component deliveries etc.
  • After a proposal is agreed, parts bins will be provided if necessary and installed at the required locations.
  • Excess or surplus stock can be re-distributed, removed, or can be purchased by Seagull Fittings.
  • Fittings, tube, hoses, components or bins that need replenishment will be identified by us through on-site visual inspection and barcode scanning.
  • The identified items are picked and prepared for delivery.
  • One consolidated monthly invoice will be produced for all deliveries. This can be alongside normal Purchase Order invoicing.

Increase Productivity - Increase Operating Margins - Reduce Admin Costs - Minimise Handling - Stop Stock Shortages