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Stainless Steel 316 Valves

Seagull Stainless Steel Valves are utilised wideley in chemical, petrochemical, food, pulp, paper, water treatment and pharmaceutical processing plants throughout the UK and Europe. Seagull Ball Valves are designed and manufactured to conform to ASTM, ANSI, DIN, BS and other internationally recognised standards to meet their respective quality requirements for industrial applications.

Our range of stainless steel valves are characterised by high corrsion resistant performance and reliability acheived by modern manufacturing processes and technical knowledge.

Two-piece & Three-piece Split Body Design Ball Valves

Floating ball design supports the ball with two rigid Reinforced PTFE seats placed in the valve body, one on the upstream side and one on the downstream side of the ball. The upstream pressure pushes the ball, which compresses the downstream side seat to shut off the fluid flow. Stem seals are virgin PTFE packings, which can be easily retightened by means of adjusting the gland bolts. The body joint is sealed with a PTFE gasket.

Split-body construction valves with side-entry balls provide the convenience of easy maintenance required in process plants. Seagull one-piece, end entry ball valves incorporate the same floating ball design with a reduced bore for a compact and cost-effective fluid control solution