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Turning Japanese

24 February 2016

"Old love does not rust" (rather like stainless steel, if you look after it)

mukashi no koiwa sabinani

Our Jonathan is going on his honeymoon to Japan at the end of February. His preparations have included; eating noodles for lunch, addressing everyone as "San", attempting to replace his Wolverhampton twang with an Oriental variation, and getting leathered on rice wine every night.

We wish his new wife Amy all the luck in the world!

turning japanese.jpg

How Far is 10KM?

20 May 2015

10KM Run for Worcestershire Association of Carers.

On September 20th 2015 the fittest (ahem!) members of the Seagull team, along with anyone else we've bribed or begged to join us, will be running, walking, crawling 10KM in aid of Worcestershire Association of Carers

When asking for victims, erm....volunteers to run for this great cause, one question kept on arising:

"How far is 10KM?" Grrrr!

Well, for the record it is 6.21371192 miles - happy now?

Gaz- Half Time Challenge

20 December 2013

Gary hopes his shooting boots will score.

On New Year's Day our Gaz will rise from his drunken stupor to take part in the Zoopla Half Time Challenge  at the Hawthorns during the half time break of the West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United match.

It's his chance to win either £1000 or a house. We just hope manages to connect with ball.

Good luck Gaz!


Hey Mo Bro's

02 November 2012

Movember - changing the face of Men's health

To show their support for Movember, the boys have ditched the razors for the month and will be growing "Mo's" - well, most will, apart from Jonathan who struggles to nurture growth of any sort and we're guessing his Mo will resemble bum fluff!

Favourite for Seagull's King of the Mo's award is Craig "Frisbo".....(think Borat)

All donations can be made directly to and we will keep you up to date with the guy's progress during Movember.


Thank you for your support.

London 2012 Supplier!

14 June 2012

Our Seagull Balustrades division is manufacturing stainless steel balustrade handrails for the outdoor restaurant and cafe areas of the London 2012 Olympic Park.

With a little over 6 weeks left until the start of the games, a supplier with flexibility and speed of supply was required. Our computer controlled flow-drilling machines that facilitate fast production of the balustrade posts and connecting handrail were a contributing factor in winning the contract, as well as our ex-stock delivery of the matching stainless steel balustrade fittings.