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Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Q: Is Aeroquip now Eaton? A: Yes - Aeroquip is now a brand name of Eaton Hydraulics, as is, Weatherhead, Vickers & Synflex.

Q: Why are some Aeroquip hydraulic hose & fittings measured with a nominal bore? A: Some hose standards e.g. SAE 100 R5 have a nominal bore to distinguish them for use with reusable hose fittings. They are very often used for high temperature hose applicationsn and enable hose assemblies to be made on -site without the need for specialist tools.

Q: Do you supply loose hose, rather than assemblies? A: Yes, of course. All hose is priced per metre - please ask for details.

Q: What does LPG mean? A: Liquified Petroleum Gas - Aeroquip has a hose style 26U51B specifically designed for use with LPG which is often used for agricultural grain drying and fuel delivery service.

Q: Do you have a Trade Counter service for making hose assemblies? A: Yes.

Q: Can you pressure test hydraulic hose? A: Yes, we can pressure test up to 12,000psi

Q: The end has come off my hose, can you swage/crimp a new one on for me? A: In short, no! Hydraulic and pressure wash hoses have a rubber outer cover that will degrade over time and we cannot re-end a hose that has previously failed.

Pipe & Tube, Compression Fittings, Pipe Fittings & Flanges

Q: Do your Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings interchange/ are equivalent to Swagelok? A: Yes.

Q: Why have Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings instead of Single Ferrule Fittings? A: Twin ferrule fittings are designed for high pressure, high temperature, high integrity uses in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, nuclear, power generation and instrumentation applications where leak-free tube connections are critical.

Q: Do you sell Single Ferrule Compression Fittings? A: Yes! We stock a range of steel DIN2353 fittings for hydraulic tube and brass compression fittings for use on gas and LPG connections as well as low pressure air lines.

Q: What is the difference between O.D and N.B? A: Quite simply; O.D. means Outside Diameter - generally for tube. N.B. means Nominal Bore - generally for pipe.

Q: Can you cut tube and pipe to length? A: Yes, we can cut stainless steel seamless tube and stainless steel pipe in 3mtr or 6mtr lengths. We can also cut to your specific length where a batch or assembly is required.

Q: Can I have a stainless steel flange drilled with a different hole? A: Yes, we stock blank/blind flanges that can be drilled or screwed to your requirements.

Q: Do BSP and NPT threads screw together? A: BSP and NPT are different thread forms and should not be mixed.

Q: What pressure rating is 150lb? A: Pressure ratings are exactly what they say they are, pressure ratings. They are a guide to the safe working design pressure of particular pipe fitting designs and standards. 3000lb, 6000lb are other examples.

Q: Do you sell gaskets for flanges? A: Yes, we stock a range of IBC and full face gaskets for BS4504, BS10 and ASA flanges.

Q: What does Schedule 10 and Schedule 40 mean? A: Schedule refers to the wall thickness of pipe - the higher the number, the thicker (heavier) the wall thickness of the pipe is and therefore will have a higher pressure rating. See our Technical section for details of stainless steel pipe dimensions and weights.


Q: Can I buy hose and fittings online? A: Yes, you can buy hose assemblies, compression fittings, valves & stainless steel 150lb BSP fittings online right now.

Q: How can I pay? A: We accept either cheques or credit and debit cards.

Q: When will I be charged? A: If you are paying by credit card, you will be charged when the delivery paperwork is raised. If you are paying by cheque, we require payment before we start production.

Q: How is it delivered? A: We send out all ex-stock orders on a next day carrier service. Larger orders are delivered by our own transport

Q: When are you open? A: We are open Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 5.00pm

Q: What is the latest time I can order for a next day delivery? A: For ex-stock items, please order by 2.30pm

Q: My delivery was damaged. What can I do? A: Notify us immediately and we will arrange either a re-work or replacement.

Q: My delivery hasn't arrived. What can I do? A: All claims for loss or non-delivery must be advised in writing within 7 days of the advised despatch date. Please submit claims WITHOUT DELAY.

Q: I purchased from one of your agents, who do I contact for further items? A: Please contact your original vendor.

And finally....

Q: How do you spell Pytlinski? A: It's hard enough saying it, just ask for Jon.

Q: Is Tony really Italian? A: Not unless Smethwick is suburb of Milano, no. He's never been on the Trans-Siberian express either.

Q: With terms like Flange, Nipples, Bush, Slip-on and Screwed; do you ever get complaints from the tabloid press that you're infringing their rights to publish such phrases? A: Please contact our legal representatives at pleadignornace dot com

Q: How did you come up with Seagull as a name? A: Erm....long story but if you combine a British Seagull outboard motor, the seaside and stainless steel; mix with a large single malt whisky and out pops Seagull Stainless (or at least it did in someone's head) - this later became Seagull Fittings.

Is that everything? Good!